Places of Interest in Siena

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Ramp on the left side of the façade, interior partially accessible to wheelchair users (crypt, bookshop and bathrooms are not accessible).


Santa Maria della Scala

Accessible to wheelchair users, accessible bathroom on the ground floor, lower floors of the museum are partially accessible with elevator and with the staff help. For visual handicap (blind or partially sighted) on request, are available historical center tactile maps donated by UICI of Siena, realized thanks to the contribution of Rotary Club of Siena.



Partially accessible to wheelchair users by ramps, accessible toilets with elevator.


Chiesa di San Domenico

Accessible to wheelchair users, ramp on the left side of the façade.


Palazzo Pubblico

Accessible for small wheelchairs with elevator (elevetor sizes: door width 69 cm, depth 83 cm, width 144 cm), bathroom accessible.


Enoteca Italiana

Partially accessible. The winery is not accessible to wheelchair users, meanwhile the ground floor, the terrace and the restaurant are accessibile. Accessible bathroom at the entrance.


Orto dei Pecci – Ricostruzione di un Orto Medievale

Pedestrian access is not easily accessible for wheelchair users, recommended access by car from Porta Romana.
Restaurant partially accessible, bathrooms accessible.